Tips for a Successful Online Job Search

Let’s face it, job searching online is hard. Companies don’t often give a response and you’re competing against hundreds, sometimes thousands of applicants for the same position. Unfortunately, it’s the only way companies seem to want applicants to apply. So when you have no choice but to go online for your job search, how do you make it as easy as possible while also increasing your chances of finding a position?


Be Honest about Your Qualifications 

A big mistake many applicants make is applying to jobs for which they are not qualified. Be honest about your qualifications and only apply to jobs that match your experience and skill levels.

Focus on Keywords

Keywords are crucial to a successful application. Look for keywords used in the job listing and be sure to incorporate them on your resume and in your cover letter.

Have Multiple Resumes on Hand

Having just one resume could hurt your chances of finding the right job. One resume may highlight your project management skills, while another might highlight your programming abilities. This will allow you more flexibility in applying and show employers the most relevant skills based on their job listing.

Create a Cover Letter Template

A cover letter template will make writing cover letters much easier. Although not all employers require a cover letter, it’s a great way to show your genuine interest in the position. You can then edit the template to match the job to which you are applying.

Research Companies

Before applying to a particular job, research the company. Look at reviews on sites like and visit the company website to find out what services and products they offer. You can include elements of your research in your cover letter to demonstrate your interest in working for the company.

Be Persistent

Don’t give up on a company you want to work for after being passed over for a job. Continue to stay on the company’s radar by applying for new jobs when they become available.

Be Thorough

One of the most frustrating things about online applications is the need to fill out an extensive application after uploading a resume with the same information. But taking your time to create a thorough and thoughtful application will demonstrate your true interest in the job. It may be annoying, but could pay off with a job offer.

Don’t Waste Your Time

Don’t waste your time applying for jobs that you don’t really want. It may seem tempting to apply to anything that remotely matches your qualifications in order to feel productive, but if you don’t actually want the job you’re wasting not only your own time but also the hiring company’s time.

Use Recruiting Companies with Caution

It might be tempting to work with a recruiting company if you’re desperate for a job. However, many recruiting companies are a waste of your time. Often recruiters simply want to pad their applicant pool and don’t actually have a relevant job available for you. It’s preferable to work directly with employers as they allow you to skip the hoops recruiting companies have you jump through.

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