Creating a Job Search File

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When looking for a job, it can be hard to keep track of all the positions you’ve applied for and all the other information related to a job search. You don’t want to receive a call about a possible job and forget that you even applied. Therefore, I recommend keeping an organized file that includes all the information you need about your current job search. I personally use an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of information related to my job search. I have worksheets for companies I would like to work for, recruiting firms to contact when I’m closer to graduating, and positions for which I’ve applied.

Some suggestions for what to include in your job search file:

1. Jobs you’ve applied to with information such as company name, job title, date applied, and contact information. You can put a check when you receive a reply.

2. Interviews you have been on including questions that were asked (to practice for future interviews), contacts you made, and when you should hear back.

3. Contact list including job title and company.

4. Reference list of your former co-workers, supervisors, team members, and professors that have agreed to serve as references.

5. Company list including industry, location, and key information (history, recent news, financial performance, and organizational structure).

6. Job boards that you have registered at, usernames, passwords, and what information you have included in your portfolio/profile.

It may seem like extra work to create a job search file, but being organized in your job search will keep you accountable and will ease some of the stress related to job hunting. If you have any suggestions for what other information might be helpful to keep track of in a job search, please comment.

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