Frustrations of Today’s Job Search

Unemployment remains high, despite improving economic conditions and increased corporate profits.  Job seekers are experiencing as much frustration as ever.  Employers are dragging their feet in the hiring process, posting bogus ads or leaving ads up after jobs are filled, and discriminating against candidates for a variety of reasons.  Below, the most common complaints from today’s job seekers and some tips for overcoming or preventing job search frustration:

No Follow-Up

With so many applicants for each position, a followup isn’t possible for each application.  However, failing to followup after an interview is inexcusable.  Candidates that have spent time and effort interviewing deserve a timely followup.

Too Many Hoops

Never-ending applications, assessments, texts, and multiple rounds of interviews are frustratingly common experiences for today’s job-seekers.  A bad hiring decision can be costly for an organization, but over-thinking a decision doesn’t guarantee the best pick.  Plus, employers are often turning off the best candidates.

Unrealistic Expectations

Candidate must have ten years experience in abc software, five years of experience with xyz software, speak Japanese, and possess a Ph.D. in plant pathology. MBA strongly preferred but not required. If this sounds familiar, you’ve probably searched for a job recently.  These job listings make you wonder- does the perfect candidate for this job even exist?

Discrimination Against Unemployed

Reports of overt discrimination against the unemployed have made news recently.  Some employers have been so bold (and stupid) as to put employment as a qualification in their ads.  For other employers, discrimination is less obvious but very real.  The long-term unemployed often have poor credit and large resume gaps, giving employed candidates a huge edge.

Solutions for the Frustrated Job-Seeker

  • Try smaller companies because small companies usually hire only when they really need someone.  They won’t waste time with unnecessary procedures.
  • Get your foot in the door with an internship.  Some companies offer jobs to a high percentage of former interns.  Interning will not only help you gain experience, it can also prevent a long and frustrating job search.
  • If you’re an experienced candidate, temping is an alternative to an internship and can reduce resume gaps while providing networking opportunities.  Do well in your temporary position and you may be offered a permanent job.

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