Hiring Trends for 2010 College Graduates

Update: Latest hiring trends for the Class of 2010 (from MSNBC): Dim job outlook brightens for the class of 2010.


  • 5 % increase in hiring of 2010 graduates over 2009 graduates
  • most in-demand majors :  accounting, business administration, computer science, engineering, and math
  • Survey shows only 40% of graduates have offers, compared to two-thirds of graduates in 2007


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College graduates faced a tough job market in 2009, but will 2010 graduates face similar challenges?  Although layoffs have slowed down,  unemployment is at a 26 year high and a recent survey conducted by Michigan State University’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute doesn’t offer a lot of hope to college seniors.  The survey shows that hiring for 2010 graduates is predicted to decline by 2% from 2009.

According to MSU’s survey, large and medium-sized companies plan to decrease hiring, while smaller companies plan to hire more graduates.  Statistics and environmental science are the most in-demand degrees, but one-third of employers would consider graduates with any degree.  Regions with the most job growth are the South Central, Northwest, and Southwest.

Despite the negative survey results, many companies are thriving.  A great example of growth in the technology industry is Intelius Screening Solutions, a leading provider of on-demand employment and drug screening solutions to thousands of businesses throughout North America. The company has experienced growth of 578% over the last five years and has added over 100 people to its workforce.

I spoke with Intelius Screening Solutions General Manager, Todd Owens, about hiring trends for 2010 graduates.   Mr. Owens advises recent graduates to focus on growing industries such as healthcare, education, energy, and technology.  He also suggests that graduates be open to relocation, since some areas are experiencing job growth.  In addition, graduates should look at the Inc. 500 list of fastest-growing private companies for ideas on where to apply.

The greatest differentiator for businesses over the coming years will be customer service, says Mr. Owens.  Sales, account management and customer service jobs are great choices for recent graduates with any degree.  Young workers are ideal candidates for such positions because of their energy and enthusiasm.  According to Mr. Owens, new graduates are a great investment for the future  because they have a willingness to learn and to take on a variety of roles.  He says that this is the best time to be entering the workforce because today’s young, eager, and educated graduates will be well-positioned for the next expansion.

So what should graduates do to improve their chances of finding employment?  Surveys and experts indicate that graduates should focus on smaller companies.  They should also be open to moving to regions where hiring is improving.  Employers are looking for flexibility, so job-seekers need to demonstrate the ability to take on a variety of responsibilities.   Read Getting from College to Career: 90 Things to Do Before You Join the Real World
for more advice for life after graduation.

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  1. A fantastic read.

    I definitely understand why the larger companies decrease hiring and the smaller ones are increasing the number of college grads they hire.

    It’s interesting where the article mentions that one third of the employers prefer grads with any degree.

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