Tips for Starting a New Job from Lisa Quast

I receive a lot of questions from people on what they should do when starting a new job. I like to keep  things simple, so I always try to remember the acronym, “S.T.U.D.Y.”  Just follow this easy-to-remember map to settling into your new position:

S = Survey your surroundings.

T = Take the time required to understand your new job and department’s strategy, structure, processes, role  and responsibilities, projects, and progress.

U = Understand who you’re working with; review personnel files, speak with each individual.

D = Do NOT make hasty decisions or state your opinions too soon. Take the time needed to understand  people,      processes, and results first.

Y = Yes. Remember you can do what you set your mind to by prioritizing and setting attainable goals.  Focus on the most important priorities first.

After your initial assessment of your workplace and workload, try these helpers:

  • Create a 90-day game plan and break it down by month, detailing initiatives, projects and tasks.
  • Include a list of the key contacts/resources you should meet, work with and get to know during your first 90 days.
  • Meet with your manager to review your plans for starting, learning and working in your new role.
  • Ask (and listen to) your manager about what they believe are the most pressing priorities and why.
  • Proactively schedule a follow-up appointment in one or two weeks to share your initial learnings with your manager.
  • Meet regularly with your manager to inform them of your progress on executing your plan.

Stay positive as you transition into your new position.  Often times, the work load can be overwhelming and everything you’ll be learning might make you feel a bit like you’re trying to drink water from a fire hose. Don’t worry – that feeling will pass once you get through those first 90 days, which are always the most difficult.

~ Lisa Quast

L.Quast Lisa Quast is CEO and President of Career Woman, Inc. (

Lisa Quast’s passion in life is making a difference in the lives of women by helping them achieve their   dreams.  Lisa is a career coach, author, business consultant, and the founder and president of Career    Woman Inc., a Seattle-based international career development consulting company dedicated to helping women achieve career success. She’s an accomplished speaker and coach, inspiring audiences with her charismatic approach, actionable recommendations, and proven methodology.

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