Top Ten Most Flexible Degree Choices


Recent economic conditions have reinforced the importance of flexibility in the employment marketplace. Selecting a degree program that allows a wide range of employment opportunities is essential for new and returning students in order to maximize their chances of obtaining employment quickly. Here are the ten best options for students seeking to ensure their employability in the highly-competitive job market of today.

Business administration

This degree opens doors throughout the corporate world. Whether the emphasis is on accounting, finance, marketing, or management, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration is the starting point for a wide range of careers that are always in demand. For those interested in working in the field of business, this is the most versatile degree to achieve that goal.


For technically-minded students, engineering degrees offer a wide range of employment options. Architecture, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medicine, environmental science and many other fields of endeavor require the scientific background an engineering degree can afford.

Computer science

Computer science is closely related to the engineering field. Although many feel this degree has lost its luster in recent years, it still provides a large number of career choices to those holding a Bachelor of Science degree. Computer science graduates go on to serve as systems administrators, software engineers, network specialists, and in many other positions and career paths.


Considered the most practical and useful of all general science degrees, a strong mathematics background prepares one for jobs in actuarial science, business, education, and even law enforcement. The analytical skills derived from a four-year program in mathematics can be applied to nearly every field of endeavor.

English and other languages

Often unjustly maligned, a degree in English can provide opportunities for employment in a number of lucrative positions, including editing, journalism, public relations and advertising, and commercial writing. Expertise in foreign languages can allow students to obtain jobs in the government and public service field, as well as a number of educational and administrative opportunities only available to those who speak and write a second language.


This may not seem a versatile selection at first; however, the variety of different disciplines covered under this one degree is immense. For any field of endeavor, there is a degreed professional to teach it; this makes education perhaps the most flexible of all degree programs.

Political science

For those interested in public service, a political science major offers the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue elected, appointed, or agency-level career paths. Political science degrees prepare students for jobs in government, law, budget planning, university administration, and many other fields that require a detailed knowledge of the inner workings of societal structures.


Marketing, advertising, public relations, health care, and education careers are among the career options available to psychology majors. While advanced positions require advanced degrees, the knowledge of human nature and behavior allows students to step into a wide range of jobs with a reasonable certainty of success.

Graphic design

Artistically-minded students will find ample career opportunities after graduating with a graphic design degree. Most jobs are found in the advertising and commercial fields, but talented graphic designers can find work as animators, product design specialists, creative directors, and webpage designers.


An alternative to the business administration degree, economics degrees offer a different range of job opportunities. Many economists are employed by large corporations or government agencies; others work in the area of finance, statistics, or as legislative assistants to elected officials. In any field where financial predictions are useful and necessary, economists find themselves in high demand. An economics degree is also the perfect prerequisite to an advanced business law degree.

These ten degree programs will increase the chances for students to find work quickly in their chosen field after graduation. Opportunities are varied and plentiful in these fields and, while some are more lucrative than others, all offer the chance to excel in one’s chosen field of endeavor.


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  1. Finding a good job can be pretty troublesome. Especially when you have high expectations.

    Here are some tips that helped me land the job of my dreams:

    * Plan out your CV, if you’ve never done a CV before, this is the time to learn.
    * Take into consideration what skills do you have. You may have more choices if you consider additional job titles.
    * Look for jobs in every possible source : internet, newspaper, radio and other media. Ask your friends that have similar jobs if there may be an opening in their company.
    * Don’t just send the resume by email and wait for an answer. You need to call them and have them confirm the job opening and receiving your resume.

    Finding a job is pretty much a job in itself and it’s all about how well can you market your abilities.

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