Helpful Sites for Finding an Internship

One of the hardest things about finding a job is getting the experience most employers want. Internships are a great way to get that experience and, fortunately, there are sites that list only internships or entry-level positions.

Urban Interns – Probably the best internship site I’ve found. Urban Intern allows small business owners and professionals to find assistants and part-time staff.  The only downside is that most of the positions are located in New York and Boston. Luckily, there are some listings  in other areas in addition to virtual opportunities.

CollegeRecruiter – College Recruiter lists entry-level positions and internships.  The internship listing is fairly extensive, with positions in a variety of fields.  Many of the entry-level positions are not truly entry-level, but the site allows you search for internships only.

Internship Programs –  This site allows candidates to search by field, location, date, or employer.  All listings that I found were actual internships (as opposed to jobs) and were in a variety of  locations.

InternshipIN – InternshipIn matches students and start-ups.  My searches yielded a good selection of  jobs in a variety of industries and locations.  However, many of the listings link to other job boards, and some of  them are not entry-level.

Finding an internship can be as difficult as finding a job, but there are websites that can help you focus your search.  An internship is a great way to get experience and prove yourself to potential employers, so don’t overlook internships if you are a recent graduate or career-changer.

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