Take Advantage of Electives: Classes Every Student Should Take

At some point in college you’ll have to choose elective courses to complete the hours required for your degree. Don’t just choose the easiest courses you can find.  Take advantage of your electives by choosing some practical courses that will help you in your career and your personal life.  Some courses to take if you haven’t already:

Computer Science – Learning to use Excel, Word, and PowerPoint will give you the basic computer skills that most employers expect.

Personal Finance – So many college students graduate with too much debt because they aren’t educated about credit cards and other financial matters. Learn to build and keep healthy credit now so you can enjoy life without bad financial decisions following you.

First Aid/CPR – Even if you don’t plan to work in healthcare, you should know basic first aid and CPR.

Foreign Language – No matter what field you plan to enter after graduation, familiarity with a foreign language will be useful.  In education and healthcare, employees that know Spanish are in demand while a variety languages can be useful for business depending on where you work.

Career Planning – Most universities offer classes on interviewing skills, resume writing, and general career planning. Taking a formal class will help you feel more confident about your career choices.

Business Communications – In most business communications courses, you’ll learn to write business letters, prepare reports and give presentations.  Good for anyone wanting to build speaking and presentation skills.

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