Beef Up Your Resume This Summer


Summer break is the perfect time to build up your resume. Even if you didn’t score an impressive internship, it’s still possible to make your resume better. Anything that shows off work ethic or skill acquisition can improve your chances of gaining employment after graduation. A few ideas for how to beef up your resume this summer:



Many companies are still hiring for summer internships. The internships may not be all summer, but they can still be invaluable to your career. Internships are the new entry-level job, so it’s important to acquire relevant experience before graduation. And since many companies hire former interns for full-time positions, you may even land a job. Search for internships.


Volunteer experience is a good addition to any resume, particularly if it relates in some way to your area of study. But even if your volunteer work doesn’t relate to your intended career path, it demonstrates a good work ethic and provides the opportunity to build your career network. Try to find local opportunities that match your interests.

Extra Classes

Taking extra classes can give you an advantage over peers that spend summer doing nothing. Taking classes can help you gain important career skills and make your semesters less stressful by cutting down on the hours you have to take. See our list of classes every student should take for ideas. Try taking courses at a local community college to save money. Just be sure the classes will transfer to your university.

Part-time Job

Although you may not be working in an area related to your major, you can still gain important transferable skills through a part-time job. Time management, leadership abilities, and customer service are all useful skills that can be applied to almost any career. Not sure where to start? See our list of summer job options for college students and fun summer jobs for college students.

Traditionally, summer was the time for students to relax and not think about responsibilities. But with the competitive job market and higher expectations from employers, it’s best to use your summers wisely. When graduation time comes around and you’re looking for a job, you’ll be glad you put forth extra effort to advance your career. For tips on writing your resume, read Resume Magic: Trade Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer.