SmartAsset Names the Top 10 Cities for Creatives

Career Planning

When you think of the best cities for creative types, big cities like Los Angeles and New York may come to mind. However, according to a recent study by SmartAsset, smaller cities are leading the way when it comes to employment opportunities in creative fields. The best cities for creative workers:

New Orleans – 109.4 creatives per 10,000 workers*

Lincoln, NE – 88 creatives per 10,000 workers

Salt Lake City, UT – 102.3 creatives per 10,000 workers

South Bend, IN – 77.6 creatives per 10,000 workers

Austin, TX – 96.4 creatives per 10,000 workers

Kansas City, MO – 90.3 creatives per 10,000 workers

Des Moines, IA – 77 creatives per 10,000 workers

Kalamazoo, MI – 65 creatives per 10,000 workers

Nashville, TN – 86.7 creatives per 10,000 workers

Omaha, NE – 75.6 creatives per 10,000 workers

* The list was made based on the number of people employed in creative occupations per 10,000 workers.  BLS data from 421 metro areas was used.  The 28 creative professions were: Art Directors; Craft Artists; Fine Artists, Including Painters, Sculptors, and Illustrators; Multimedia Artists and Animators; Artists and Related Workers, All Other; Commercial and Industrial Designers; Floral Designers; Graphic Designers; Interior Designers; Set and Exhibit Designers; Designers, All Other; Actors; Producers and Directors; Choreographers; Music Directors and Composers; Musicians and Singers; Entertainers and Performers, Sports and Related Workers, All Other; Editors; Writers and Authors; Sound Engineering Technicians; Photographers; Film and Video Editors; Dancers; Fashion Designers; Reporters and Correspondents; Art, Drama, and Music Teachers, Postsecondary; Curators; Architects.

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