Resume Writing for the Modest


Writing a resume means listing your accomplishments and showing yourself in the best light. For a modest person, this can feel like bragging. Being too self-conscious, though, could prevent you from communicating your accomplishments. But by removing subjectivity from your resume, you can demonstrate your knowledge and experience without sounding arrogant.

Start with Summary of Qualifications

Instead of writing your objective at the beginning of your resume, begin with a bullet-point summary of qualifications. Include years of experience, relevant education, software, and certifications. Many summaries include phrases such as “highly motivated” and “great communication skills”. Instead of generic resume phrases, present just the facts. Not only will you feel better about your resume, but hiring managers will see only useful information and won’t have to sift through unnecessary words.

Prove Yourself with Facts

Adjectives are resume fluff, adding words without proof. Instead of using subjective descriptions, show your positive traits with facts and actions. For example, good communication skills can be demonstrated with a well-written resume and cover letter. Creativity, efficiency, and motivation can also be demonstrated through your past accomplishments. Use numbers and percentages whenever possible.

Write a Job Description

It can be easy to forget tasks, especially if you have a large variety of responsibilities or duties that occur irregularly. To help remember all of your current and past job responsibilities, pretend that you’re hiring for the positions listed on your resume. Write detailed job a description for each of your past positions, including a comprehensive list of responsibilities.

Use Keywords

Hiring managers, human resources professionals, and computer programs scan resumes for keywords based on the job being filled. Software programs, certifications, or other relevant skills should be featured on your resume. Usually, the job description will include important keywords, and it’s helpful to tailor your resume to fit each position based on necessary qualifications.

Resume creation is never easy, but proves especially hard for those who dislike drawing attention to themselves. By focusing on facts and removing filler words and phrases, you can write a resume that garners the right kind of attention.

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