Resume Tips for Unemployed Job-Seekers

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Though it has become somewhat cliche, there is no doubt that today’s economic climate is a turbulent and harsh place to be. With unemployment and job loss a persistent problem throughout the nation, many qualified and talented individuals continue to have difficulty finding and keeping satisfying jobs. Now more than ever, it is essential for job hopefuls to set themselves apart from other candidates applying for the same position. One of the most effective ways to stand out to a potential employer is on paper. Fortunately, there are several resume-building options that will allow job-seekers to become more enticing candidates.


One of the best ways to fill resume gaps is by volunteering with a local organization or for a cause that you are particularly passionate about. Some of the most desirable qualities a job candidate can display are a willingness to work and a drive to succeed. Each of these traits is clearly demonstrated in volunteerism. Moreover, volunteering during times of struggle can help you find a greater sense of worth and purpose that many individuals obtain from their careers.

Try a Portfolio Career

May individuals think that portfolio careers are a simple venture into self employment, easy hours, limited work, and mega money. While portfolio careers can be an excellent option for the right individual, they are certainly not for everyone. One of the best times to try your hand at a portfolio career is during a time of extended unemployment. If you are an individual who has worked for several years in a few or several different environments, a portfolio career may be the right option for you in the time between active work. Assess your hobbies and interests and try to determine what activities give you the most satisfaction.

Because portfolio careers rely so heavily on self-promotion, you must really be interested in the skills and services you are offering. Look at your past work history and determine what attributes of each job you enjoyed the most and what you disliked more. With this knowledge you can better design a career that fits your wants, needs, and interests. A successful career is one that keeps you interested and excited. Portfolio careers give you the flexibility and control to create a career you want. Use this to your advantage.

Commit to a Hobby

If formal volunteering or a portfolio career is not viable options for your specific situation, there are other ways to better sell your times of unemployment. Try choosing a single hobby be it horseback riding, blogging, or cooking and commit to it fully. When you go into an interview and your potential employer inevitably asks about your period of unemployment you can explain why it happened and describe how you used your time. Though it may sound foolish or silly, discussing a hobby or interest during an interview displays a level of dedication and passion about your pursuits. Your potential employer will appreciate your interest in staying active and involved when you don’t necessarily have to.

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