Hot Careers for Computer Science Majors

According to a recent New York Times article, the number of computer science majors has been rising after years of decline. The dot-com bust and outsourcing have kept many would-be computer science majors away in years past, but the IT industry is gaining positive attention thanks to a number of fast-growing occupations and media play. So what some popular jobs for computer science majors?

Quality Assurance Engineer-Software

Software quality assurance engineers conduct manual and automated tests on software to check for bugs and other defects. They must be familiar with programming languages and testing procedures.

Mobile Application Developer

Mobile applications developers design, test, implement, and maintain applications for mobile devices including smartphones and tablet PC’s. The increasing popularity of mobile devices and mobile applications has lead to a sharp increase in demand for mobile application developers.

Cloud Computing Architect

As more services are offered through cloud computing, demand for cloud computing experts is rapidly rising. Through cloud computing, files and data can be stored on the web rather than through a user’s computer. Advantages include decreased hardware demands for clients and the ability to access information from any computer or network.

Computer science majors have plenty of job options beyond programmer and software engineer.  For more on computer science careers, read Information Technology Jobs in America and Top 100 Computer and Technical Careers.