Jobs for Analytical Types

Analytical skills are important for many high demand jobs in a variety of fields.  Analytical types enjoy using data and facts to reach a conclusion.  If this sounds like you, the following jobs jobs might be a good fit for your personality.

Budget Analyst

Budget analysts analyze and develop budgets for organizations and government agencies.   Although a bachelor’s degree in finance or a related field is the minimum education requirement, many budget analysts have a master’s degree.  Budget analysts working for the government may obtain  the Certified Government Financial Manager designation, which requires passing three exams and obtaining two years of experience.  Job growth for budget analysts is projected to be fifteen percent through 2018 and median wages were $65,320 in 2008. *

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analysts determine user requirements, review system capabilities, make software recommendations, and update existing computer systems and programs.  A bachelor’s degree in computer science or information systems is the minimum requirement for most jobs.  Projected employment growth for computer systems analysts is 20 percent through 2018 and the median annual wages were $75,500 in 2008.

Market Researcher

Market researchers conduct research to determine potential demand and sales for a particular product or service, and may develop marketing campaigns.  They may study consumer habits, preferences, and demographics for a specific region.   They’re research often involves consumer surveys and competitor analysis.  Median annual wages for 2008 were $61,070 and 28 percent job growth is projected through 2018.

Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts develop the most effective and efficient solutions to complex operational problems.  Linear programming, computer modeling, statistical analysis and data mining are some analytical techniques used by operations research analysts.  Some specialties within the field include finance, transportation, and supply chain management.  Candidates with a master’s or doctorate degree in operations management or management science will have the best opportunities.  Projected job growth is 22 percent through 2018 and median annual wages were $69,000 in 2008.


Statisticians collect and interpret data to provide important information on a number of topics.  Statisticians may specialize in certain areas, such as biostatistics or economic statistics.  Most statistician jobs require a graduate degree in math or statistics.  Statisticians are employed with the federal government, scientific research services, insurance carriers, state governments, universities, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and corporations.  According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, median annual wages for statisticians were $72, 610 in 2008 and thirteen percent job growth is projected through 2018.

There are many other jobs that suit the analytical personality, including financial analyst, medical scientist, and economist.    To read more about jobs that suit your personality, read Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type.

* Source: Occupational Outlook Handbook

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