Information Technology Careers for Introverts

Information technology is a great field for introverts. Although IT jobs may require teamwork, most positions don’t require constant interaction with other people. A few growing careers in the IT field that introverts should consider:    

Computer Systems Analyst Computer systems analysts test and maintain computer programs, modify processes to increase efficiency, develop test procedures, and design computer systems. They may also be responsible for training staff to work with computer programs.  Employment for computer systems analysts is expected to grow by 20% over the next decade.  The median annual salary for computer systems analysts in 2008 was $75,500.*

Software Engineer Computer software engineers design, test and develop software.  Computer applications software engineers use programming languages to develop general computer applications software or specialized utility programs. Computer systems software engineers construct and maintain an organization’s computer systems.  Employment for software engineers is expected to grow by 21% over the next ten years. Annual median wage for software engineers (applications) in 2008 was $85,430.*

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Computer Security Specialist Computer security specialists install security software, monitor networks for security breaches, and respond to attacks. Due to increases in the frequency and complexity of cyber crime, demand for qualified security specialists has increased.  The average salary for computer security specialists in 2008 was $69,570.**

Database Administrator Database administrators use database management software to store, analyze, and present data.  They also integrate old systems into new systems, add new users to the system and troubleshoot problems.  Employment of database administrators is expected to grow by 30% in the next ten years. Median annual wages of database administrators was $69,740 in 2008.*

Network Systems/ Data Communication Analyst Network systems and data communication analysts design, test, and evaluate network systems.  Some data communications systems a network systems analyst might work with include local area networks (LAN), wide area networks (WAN), intranet, and Internet.  Employment for network systems analysts is predicted to grow by 53% over the next ten years.  Median annual salary for network systems analysts was $71,100 in 2008. * A degree in computer science or management information systems will prepare you for a career in information technology.  IT is a growing field with many options for introverts.  Read Top 100 Computer and Technical Careers: Your Complete Guidebook to Major Jobs in Many Fields at All Training Levels for more information on growing careers in the information technology sector.

References: * Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook. **

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