Why Community College is a Good Investment

In the past, community colleges were considered inferior to four year universities by many people. But as tuition prices have risen and unemployment/underemployment among university graduates has become a prominent issue, more students are wisely choosing community college over traditional four year colleges and universities. Why should you choose community college over a university? For one, junior colleges offer affordable training for jobs that are in high demand. Some more good reasons to choose community college:


Lower Tuition

The obvious reason you should consider community college is the lower cost or free tuition it provides. Most classes you take at the first two years of college (core curriculum) will be the same whether you take them at a two year or four year university. Why spend the extra money when you don’t have to? If you plan to transfer to a four year university just make sure your classes will transfer.

Lower Housing and Transportation Costs

Housing at junior colleges is usually lower cost and for many students this cost can be completely eliminated if they are able to commute. Transportation costs may be lower because community colleges are more prevalent, particularly in rural areas. Therefore, commuter students don’t have to waste as much gas getting to and from class.

Practical Degree and Certification Programs

One of the biggest benefits of community colleges is the availability of practical training for jobs that are in high demand. Many of these jobs are in the healthcare field, including nursing. A practical two or three year community college program is often a better career choice than a four year university degree. As many college graduates have discovered, four year degrees are over-rated.

Smaller Class and Campus Sizes

At large universities, you can feel like a number and get lost in the crowd. If you feel more comfortable with a smaller campus and smaller classes, then community college may be the answer. Another advantages is that teachers don’t have additional pressure to research and publish like those at large universities, so they can focus on teaching – a huge benefit to you.

Choosing the best college is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. But if you’re overlooking community colleges, reconsider because it may be just the right fit for your career and financial goals.