What’s a Useful Degree?

Many lists have been compiled on the most useful degrees, with income usually being the primary factor. But are certain degrees really better than others? And what constitutes a worthwhile degree? Despite what the all the lists may say, any degree can prove useful, just not always financially. A few important ways your college degree can pay off:

Job Opportunities

For most students, job opportunities are an important  consideration when choosing a major. It’s not that students don’t appreciate the humanities and the arts, but that college is a huge investment and a lack of income upon graduation can be devastating to students from middle or lower class backgrounds.

Technical Skills

Technical skills generally lead to more lucrative job opportunities. Technical skills include computer programming, database management, accounting, and project management.

Soft Skills

Without soft skills, technical skills are often irrelevant. Soft skills include communication, teamwork, leadership and critical thinking. For most jobs, soft skills matter as much as technical skills.

Ideally, a college education will offer better career opportunities along with the skills to succeed at work and in life. What do you think? What makes a degree useful? Are some degrees useless?

What Makes a College Degree Useful?

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