Top 10 Job Hunting Sites for Recent Graduates

Recent graduates face the most dismal job market since the depression, but thankfully, the internet now makes job searching more convenient and easier than ever. Faced with endless possibilities, those straight out of college need guidance on which sites will help them find employment – and which are just a waste of time. The following list highlights ten of the most useful job-searching sites for recent grads and the unemployed alike.

1. – This site, the “granddaddy” of job search sites, features constantly updated job listings, separated by area or field. Job seekers can search by keyword, location, or even pay. Message board are updated daily as are useful articles that provide tips to job hunters.

2. – Similar to Monster, Career Builder is a job listing service that offers endless openings for jobs and careers in a specified area. Both part time and full time gigs are available here, though seekers may find themselves spending a lot of time sorting through which jobs are the most applicable.

3. Craigslist – Not for the traditional job seeker, craigslist acts as a provider of classified ads for any local area. Employers post available jobs on the site with a short description and are then able to interact directly with those seeking to apply. This site is great for niche or hard-market jobs.

3. LinkedIn – This site is the most useful social media tool available for job seekers. Users create a profile, much like on Facebook or MySpace, then use that profile to build meaningful connections with others in their field. Used primarily as a networking tool, LinkedIn is growing in popularity as well as importance in the job sphere.

4. Indeed – A rather unknown site compared to the larger job search engines, is a great resource for creative job seekers. Writers, artists, and even musicians can find work here, easily searchable and sortable through the site’s impressive interface.

5. Net Temps – Recent grads may want to consider temporary work as a way to build up funds while looking for a full-time position while gaining valuable experience in a specific area. This site is a database for temp job in the area and field of interest or expertise.

6. College Recruiter – This site, aimed specifically at recent grads, not only offers job postings but expansive resources for job seekers as well. Resume advice, interview tips, and common job hunting mistakes are all topics which find light here.

7.– Set up much like traditional search sites, this website allows users to use one central search bar to dig through employer’s corporate websites for job posts, saving time and energy for recent grads and recruiters alike.

8. – This site compiles data from niche sites across the country, such as and, in an easy to use, scanable form. Beyond saves users time and hassle as they no longer have to visit hundreds of different sites to find what they’re looking for.

9. – Students who have just graduated should consider a military or government job. These positions typically pay well, are widely available, and offer unparalleled experience to those who qualify.

10.  CollegeGrad– Much like CollegeRecruiter, College Grad caters specifically to recent graduates. Visitors to this site will find information on specific fields as well as resume and interview resources.

Job searching can be a daunting task, but sites such as those listed above make it much more manageable and convenient. Being able to apply online is an instant innovation that has landed thousands, if not millions, of people the position of their dreams, and is only set to continue in the future.

This post was contributed by Melissa Tamura, who recently ranked the top nursing schools for Zen College Life, a directory of online degrees.

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