The Most Important Thing To Do Before Starting Your Job Search

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The first and most important thing you must do before your search is to get in the right state of mind. If you believe you can get a job, that belief will change the nature of your interactions. You will be infused with a level of confidence that will make you much more desirable to prospective employers. Of course the converse is also true: desperation and negativity can often repel situations or people that could help us. As Henry Ford said, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

So I encourage you to start your job search with a sales job. I want you to become an expert at selling yourself on the idea that you are marketable. You are sellable. You have so much to offer. It’s only a matter of time before an employer will be able to recognize that. By the end of this section, you will have a clear idea on precisely how to accomplish this.

The battle with ourselves starts with the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves. All of us carry limiting beliefs. They act as filters for how we perceive our reality. They exist because the human mind likes to form them to simplify our lives. The brain is hard-wired to be pain avoidant, and these limiting beliefs have actually been created to spare us pain or embarrassment. They allow us to make sense of complex and especially disappointing situations.

For example, a limiting belief that almost every person I’ve talked to has is “finding a job is _____.” You can fill in the blank with any number of negative adjectives: difficult, draining, impossible, exhausting, and on and on. The other especially toxic mantra (or anti-mantra) I hear so often is “There are no jobs out there.”

Of course, your restless mind isn’t content to just make statements about the external world. It knows where you’re most vulnerable and makes the limiting beliefs specifically about you. “I can’t get a job because ________.” I’ve heard just about every reason in that blank. It’s where job hunters’ creativity, pessimism and sense of total uniqueness seem to collide. The most common responses are that I’m too young, too old, not qualified, not educated, or my race or religion would make people hire someone else.

Another commonly held limiting belief is “I can’t succeed in getting a job until I have _______.” Generally this branches off into people feeling they don’t have enough time, experience, or education.

The most crippling belief is “That’s just the way things are.” This has its many variations but it always boils down to “I can’t get a job and that’s just the way things are.” I say that this belief is the most formidable foe because it presents the strongest barrier to get into the right state of mind. It reveals a point of view that the world is fixed in a very rigid way and that there is no possibility beyond the setbacks and disappointments you’ve grown accustomed to.

So where do our limiting beliefs come from? They build up in our consciousness from interactions and events in our past. We identify with them, we agree with them, and we are afraid to argue with them because it feels like we are arguing with ourselves. They’ve been ingrained into us and we turn to them reflexively whenever we go through something that challenges us, like being jobless. But you must get rid of your limiting beliefs before you begin looking for a job. You can do so by simply believing that getting a job is for you too and that you deserve it.

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