You CAN Find a Job Online – Here's How

Although many jobs are obtained through networking,  not everyone has the necessary connections to secure a job this way.  It may seem as if your resume falls into a black hole when you respond to online job listings.  However,  with patience, persistence, and a little luck, you can find a job online.  As you search, keep the following tips in mind:

Tailor your resume to the position

Every position requires a different combination of skills and qualifications.  Hiring managers can usually tell the difference between a generic resume and one that fits the specific position they’re trying to fill.  You may need several versions of your resume in order to demonstrate the right skills and experience for each position.

Learn to spot the real jobs

A lot of job listings are actually advertisements for training programs in disguise.  Other listings are scams meant to steal your money or your identity.  A legitimate job listing will have detailed qualifications and responsibilities, and it won’t require you to send any money.   Read Five Job Scam Red Flags to learn the common signs of a scam.

Apply early

A lot of job advertisements are left up long after the position is filled, so you have a much greater chance of getting your application seen if you apply soon after an ad is posted. One way to keep up with the latest job listings is to sign up for daily emails or RSS feeds from your favorite job boards.

Go to the company site

It’s fine to use the job boards to find out who’s hiring and to post your resume, but go directly to the company website to apply for specific jobs.  Hiring managers like to know you were interested enough in the company to visit the it’s job page, and you might miss a step in the application process if you simply submit a resume through a job board.

Use keywords

Keywords can include job titles, software programs, acronyms, certifications, skills, and industry buzzwords.  Hiring managers (or computer programs) scan resumes looking for keywords.  What keywords are used in the job listing?  What are some common keywords used in your industry?  Those are the words that should appear in your resume.

Your search shouldn’t be limited to the Internet, but online job boards provide efficient methods of viewing and applying to openings.  Finding a job online requires as much effort as any other job search method.  Tailoring your resume, using keywords, avoiding scams, and applying early are a few techniques that will help you land your new job online.

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