How to Find an Internship Online

Job Search Online

Internships have become increasingly common over the past decade, to the point that employers expect them of entry-level candidates. Students graduating without internship experience will be at a huge disadvantage in the job market. Unfortunately, due to increased demand for intern positions from students, campus career centers can’t always provide internships for everyone. That leaves many students left to fend for themselves. The Internet is the easiest way to access plenty of potential listings, but it can be difficult to find intern jobs that meet your specifications.

Company Websites

When it comes to jobs and internships, going straight to the source is the best way to find the best jobs. If you have a list of target companies, visit their websites and search for internships. In fact, many large companies have websites specifically for interns. If possible, create an account and submit your resume to make applications easier. Also, sign up for job alerts so you don’t miss positions matching your criteria.

Job Aggregators

Job aggregators, such as, list jobs from a variety of company websites. Aggregators provide a good method of finding new companies and positions that you haven’t considered. After the internship is posted, you can then visit the source site to apply. Like other job sites, aggregators allow you to sign up for email alerts when certain types of jobs become available.

Internship Websites

Due to the increasing popularity of internship, websites catering solely to internship seekers have thrived. If you’re wondering where to start, read our post on the best websites for finding an internship. You can also search your field and internships (e.g. “public relations internships”) for more specific websites.

Career Center Job Sites

Some career centers offer exclusive listings for their students. Visit the website for your career center and look for a job listing page. Although jobs may be from other websites or you may be redirected, it’s worth a look. Your university’s career center site is also the place to find career fair information.

Social Networking

By maintaining professional profiles on sites LinkedIn and Twitter, you can stay up-to-date with your favorite companies. In addition to following the main accounts of your target companies for general news, follow their career accounts to learn about open positions and career fairs. Keep these accounts strictly professional, including relevant education and career information in case potential employers search for you.

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