Graduating Without a Job? Tips for Finding Work

Graduating college without a job offer can be scary and disappointing. If you’re graduating or have recently graduated but haven’t found employment yet, don’t feel bad. In fact, it’s very common for recent college graduates to still be looking for work and weighing their options. Some advice for finding a job and getting on track after college:

Post-graduate Internships and Temping

Internships are crucial in today’s competitive job market where true entry-level jobs are rare. If you missed the opportunity to intern as a college student, it’s not too late. Many companies offer internships to post-graduates, so don’t dismiss internships just because you’re out of college. Another option to help you get your foot in the door and gain experience is temp work. Some benefits of temping include expanding your career network, gaining references, and building your resume. Sign up with a few temp agencies, preferably those that cater specifically to your chosen field.

Alumni Networks

Your school’s alumni network is an essential part of looking for a job. Not only can you discover which companies are hiring graduates of your college, but you may find mentors in your field that can guide you through the job search process or offer industry-specific advice. Join online via LinkedIn and your college’s career website.

College Career Center

Career centers will usually offer assistance to alumni, so make an appointment to talk to a counselor about your options. Also inquire about job opportunities since most career centers have job and internship listings exclusively for students and alumni. Your college career center may also have information about career fairs happening in your area or potential job openings in your field.

Alternative Options

In addition to looking for a job, you might want to consider alternative options such as graduate school or taking extra classes to beef up your resume. You shouldn’t enter graduate or professional school simply because you can’t find a job, but it’s worth considering careers that may be obtained by furthering your education.

Learn Online Job Search Basics

Tailor your resume to the job search when applying online. Resume scanning software looks for keywords, so you want to pay careful attention to the job listing so that you can include relevant information. It will require more work than sending out a generic resume, but the response rate will be higher. You should also know the signs of a job scam so that you don’t waste time and energy that could be spent applying for legitimate jobs.

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