The Benefits of Temping

Temping is often viewed as an inferior alternative to permanent jobs. While temping does have obvious drawbacks, it can offer many benefits as well. Don’t discount temporary jobs to the negative connotations. A temporary position can lead to a full-time job and can offer opportunities for making important industry connections. Read on for some of the benefits of temporary work.

Fill Resume Gaps

Temping offers a good way to fill large gaps in your resume. Even if your temporary jobs are in an industry different than your own, potential employers will view temporary work more positively than no work at all. It’s also a great way to hold out for a good permanent position while still working.

Networking Opportunities

Temping provides a great way to get your foot in the door of a specific industry or employer. While working as a temp, you can demonstrate your abilities to key people and make lasting connections that will last throughout your career.

No Commitment

If you’re unhappy in a permanent position, you feel stuck because leaving too soon may look bad on your resume and cause potential employers to question your loyalty. In a temp position, it’s expected that you’ll leave when the assignment is over. And if you like the job, there’s always a chance it can become a permanent job if you perform well and show interest in the company.

Skills Acquisition

By working  in many different positions, you’ll pick up a variety of skills. Not all companies will use the same software or have the same procedures. Every position gives the opportunity to add more skills to your resume. You may even discover a natural talent or interesting area of specialty that you hadn’t considered.

Career Planning Tool

Experience is the best career planning tool. The more experience you acquire, the more you learn about your ideal work environment. Unlike traditional jobs, temping offers a wide variety of experiences over a relatively short period of time. Even within the same industry, you’ll experience different company cultures and responsibilities.

A temp job doesn’t just have a way to make money, it can service as a gateway to better opportunities. At the very least, you will learn more about your career preferences.