What is Your Ideal Work Environment?

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Where you work is just as important as the career field you choose when it comes to career satisfaction. For example, I prefer to work in a small company and I’m willing to take a smaller salary if it means working in a comfortable environment. When choosing your ideal work environment, consider the following factors:

Large vs. Small
A large company can probably offer a larger salary and more impressive benefits. However, you may prefer a smaller setting where you feel more connected to your coworkers and more invested in the success of the business.

Formal vs. Casual
Formal environments often require business attire and implement many rules and regulations. Casual environments are more flexible about attire, work hours, and other factors.

Fast-paced vs. Laid-back
If you work well under pressure, then a fast-paced environment might be right for you. However, some people need a calm setting in order to do their best work.

Traditional vs. Innovative
A traditional company will have set procedures and standards of operation while creativity will be highly valued in an innovative company. At small or newer companies you may play a big role in projects right away, while at more established companies you’ll have to work your way up to having a bigger say.

There are many factors to consider when assessing work environment. Your coworkers and supervisors will have a major impact on your happiness at work. Get to know what you want in a work environment before you look for jobs. Then, target companies that are likely to be a good fit for you.

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2 thoughts on “What is Your Ideal Work Environment?”

  1. Everyone of us has different career goals. It’s understanding what we really want that will bring us success.

    I would prefer to work for myself, but since I’m not quite ready for that I prefer a smaller company that’s very innovate.

  2. Everyone wants to feel like an individual with unique skills to contribute. I believe we are more likely to feel essential to the success of a business when we work for a smaller company.

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