Should You Double-Major?

College is hard enough with only one major, so a double major can prove challenging for even the best students. However, there are times when you may decide that a double major is right for you. Carefully consider your career goals, personality, lifestyle and interests when determining the academic path that’s best. Some good reasons you may wish to double major:

You Want an Edge

By choosing two majors that complement each other, you can gain an edge over the competition in your chosen field. For example, you might major in both a foreign language and business if you want to pursue a career in international business. Many businesses demand a diverse skill set from workers, so by having two majors you’ll appeal to increasing demands today’s employers place on job candidates.

You Can’t Decide

Instead of choosing between two majors and career paths, you can choose both. It’s not easy to make a definitive career decision while still in college, so having two potential career paths allows you to make important choices later on after gaining valuable work experience. One major might be more realistic while the other could represent a passion or interest that you hope to pursue at some point.

You Need Flexibility

Having more than one degree allows for flexibility that can be very beneficial in today’s market. The current in-demand majors may not be so hot in ten years. You may also want to pursue your dream career on the side while you work in a more practical field. Whatever the reason for choosing two majors, it can provide career security and piece of mind to have two degrees.

Before deciding to take on two majors, determine how long it will take you to finish both degrees and if it is financially feasible to obtain two degrees. For more on college majors, read Book of Majors 2013: All-New Seventh Edition (College Board Book of Majors) .