Great Minors for a Liberal Arts Major


I’ve written about good career choices for liberal arts majors, including history, English, and psychology majors.  In this post I’ll write about some minors to complement a liberal arts major and why they make good choices.  Employers like well-rounded applicants, and having  a liberal arts major along with a technical or business minor will make you a more competitive candidate. Some minors to consider if you’re a liberal arts major:



Business Administration

A business minor will give you a foundation in accounting, marketing, and general management.  Whether you’re goal is to start work or to attend professional school, knowledge of the business world will be a great advantage.


Many liberal arts majors pursue careers in marketing after college.  Having a minor in marketing can give you an advantage over the competition.

Human Resources Management

Human resources management is another common career choice for liberal arts graduates, particularly psychology majors.   Human resources management courses will teach you the business side of HR, while your psychology courses will help you understand the behavioral and emotional aspects.

Information Systems

Technical skills will be important no matter what career you choose.  Employers expect a certain degree of computer skills and an information systems or computer science minor will demonstrate that you’ve learned the basics.


Although education is a common career path for liberal arts graduates, many are not prepared for the challenges of teaching.  By taking education classes, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect when you begin your teaching career.

Mass Media and Communications

A mass media and communications minor can be a great compliment for English major wishing to pursue a career in media or journalism.  See Adrienne Carlson’s guest post for career options for journalism majors.

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