Jobs for Liberal Arts Majors: English

English majors have skills that employers highly value: critical thinking, communication and reading comprehension. People with English degrees can be found in a wide variety of industries and occupations, including advertising and media. Some great careers for English majors to consider:

Copy Writer

Copy writers create advertising copy and promotional materials. They collaborate with clients, marketing executives, and salespeople in order to obtain necessary information about a product or service. Their work might appear on product packaging, internet advertisements, bulletin boards, or in brochures. Average annual salary : $50, 660.*

Personnel Recruiter

Recruiters identify qualified candidates and match them to employers who need their particular skills. They work with hiring managers to find appropriate candidates for openings within a company and keep applicants informed during the hiring process. Communication and interpersonal skills are essential as recruiters must maintain positive relationships with both job seekers and the companies for which they recruit. Demand for recruiters is expected to increase faster than average through 2016, according to O*Net Online.  Average annual salary: $44,380.*

Technical Writer

Technical writers create instruction and operations manuals for various types of equipment and machinery. They must be well versed in relevant technical terminology and operating procedures, and may need to consult with engineers and other professionals. Technical writers may also help with drawing sketches or selecting appropriate photographs for manuals. Demand for technical writers is expected to increase faster than average over the next eight years. Average salary: $60,390*


Editors revise books and articles before publication. Not only do they check for grammatical and punctuation errors, but they also rewrite content to enhance clarity and verify facts and statistics. Other duties include generating story ideas, assigning topics to writers, and layout design. An editor may work for a newspaper, textbook publishing company, website, magazine, or other organization. Demand is greatest for editors with web experience. Average salary : $48,320.*

News Reporter /Correspondent

Reporters report news stories for newspapers, magazines, websites, or broadcast. They may conduct extensive research and interview a variety of individuals in order to gather necessary information. Reporters must work well under pressure and have excellent investigative skills. Average annual salary: $34,690.*

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