Jobs for Liberal Arts Majors: History

Who majors in history? Future business executives, lawyers, politicians, and writers. With a history degree, you are not limited to a particular occupation or field. Many history majors go on to obtain a doctorate, business or law degree. If you aren’t sure about graduate school (or want to take a break from school), but still want a history-related job, consider the following careers:


Although many librarian positions require a degree in library science, many smaller libraries will accept a bachelor’s degree in any subject. Knowledge of history would be a great advantage for a librarian since many people visit libraries in order to conduct historical research. My hometown librarian was also the town historian . Whenever I was writing a paper and needed to research the area’s history, he was the person to consult. Librarians must have good interpersonal skills and patience because they interact with visitors of all ages. Average annual salary: $50,970.*


Curators acquire items for exhibit collections, develop database systems used for record keeping, conduct research, supervise museum staff, and negotiate the sale or loan of items. They promote the institutions for which they work by attending community events, educating the public, and organizing tours. Budgetary guidelines and institutional policies are also part of a curator’s responsibilities. Most curators work for museums, universities, or local government. Demand for curators is expected to grow much faster than average through 2016. Average annual salary: $46,000.*


Archivists appraise, acquire, preserve, and classify historical documents. They may conduct research related to documents and provide assistance to other researchers needing to use these documents. To make access to records easier, they copy them to other formats, design classification systems, and maintain computer databases. Demand for archivists is expected to grow faster than average through 2016. Average annual salary: $43,110.*

Museum technician/conservator

Museum technicians assemble exhibits, clean items, and arrange artifacts for display. They may specialize in a certain type of artifact, such as books or paintings. Additional responsibilities include giving tours, supervising volunteer workers, and determining repair needs. Demand is expected to grow faster than average through 2016. Average annual salary: $35,350.*

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*For more details about the each job, including responsibilities, values, skills, and projected growth, visit O*Net.