Holiday Shopping on a College Budget

gift college student

The holidays can be fun and happy times, but they can also be very stressful. We’re constantly bombarded with advertisements that make us feel pressured to buy the newest gadgets. Buying gifts for friends, family and coworkers proves especially hard when you’re on a tight budget. Keep your sanity and save money by using a few important tips this holiday season.

Two Gifts for the Price of One

Gift sets come in handy when you need several small gifts for¬†acquaintances¬†or gift exchanges. Simply break down the packages into smaller sets or single item gifts. It’s also good to keep gift baskets on hand for “emergency” gifts.

Shop the Outlets

Outlet stores offer brand name products for much less than at regular retail stores. It may take more digging, but you can find some great deals at outlet stores and websites.

Coupons and Deal Alerts

Several websites, such as, offer deals and coupons for popular retail stores. You may also want to check your favorite shopping sites and sign up for email alerts to know when discounts are available.

Not Crafty? No Problem

Handmade items are not only unique, but often less expensive than mass-produced gifts. Maybe you aren’t the crafty type, but you can still shop sites like to find countless fun and interesting items for anyone on your shopping list.

When to Re-gift

Re-gifting isn’t always bad. Feel free to re-gift items that are new and unused, and that you know the recipient will appreciate. Just be certain the original gift giver has absolutely no connection to the recipient. For example, if your aunt gives you a gift card to a popular store, you may give it to a friend that shops at the store regularly.

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