Couponing: A Guide for Students and Recent Graduates

couponsCouponing has recently been the feature of several articles, books, and television shows. While many extreme coupon clippers are suburban moms, students and recent graduates can save hundreds each month by taking advantage of convenient savings opportunities. Using coupons doesn’t have to be intimidating or complex. And with rising food prices and stagnant wages, they offer a great way to stay within a tight budget.

An Easier Way to Coupon

Unlike coupons of the past, many coupons today are digital. You can load coupons to your store’s loyalty card with the click of a button. For the forgetful shopper, these are invaluable. Visit your favorite store’s website and sign up for a loyalty card as soon as possible. Not only will you save with each shopping trip, you may also receive exclusive coupons based on your preferences.

Where to Find Coupons

Many coupon websites offer traditional and digital savings for popular brands. and are popular coupon sites with numerous offerings. Also, Sunday newspapers usually contain coupon inserts. Ask friends and family that subscribe to your local paper about the typical coupon offerings. Another place for coupon collection is at the checkout, since some stores give out targeted coupons with your receipt. Don’t discard these because they may offer significant savings on your favorite products or similar products.

Tips for Beginning Couponers

– Don’t buy anything you wouldn’t buy otherwise. You’ll end up spending more than you would have without coupons.

– Store brands can offer double savings for customers with loyalty cards. Try out store brand versions first to see if brand name is really worth it.

– Organization is key. Make a detailed list before shopping, and indicate what coupons are available for each item. Keep your coupons for each trip together and in an accessible location so that when you pay, you’ll remember to take advantage of all the savings available.

– Pay attention to details. Most coupons have expiration dates, so it helps to regularly go through your coupons to remove those that have expired. Coupons also stipulate product quantity and sizes, so read the fine print carefully.

Couponing may evoke images of doomsday-level stockpiles or rabid shoppers hogging checkouts with multiple carts, but it’s possible to cut your grocery bill significantly without going to the extreme. Digital coupons and coupon websites make saving easier than ever, so there is really no excuse not to get started.