High Demand College Degrees and Majors



In today’s economic climate, it’s extremely important to find a career field that isn’t going to sputter out in a few years. Finding the right in demand degrees is more than randomly picking a career field and hoping for the best. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best college degrees for you. These high demand degrees will help get you on the right path and hopefully set you up for a wonderful retirement.

Business Management And Administration

According to USANews, a Bachelor’s degree is one of the best college degrees that you can have for an exceptional long term career. One reason for this is that the fundamental skills taught while studying for this career path end up being used in nearly every other field choice. Those who study business management and administration end up learning additional skills such as analytics and face-to-face communications.


Until money is no longer used for trades and transactions, there will always be a need for an accountant. Though this field is not nearly as large as it once was (due to software built for smaller businesses), it is still one of the most in demand degrees according to a recent publishing from Georgetown university. Internships at accounting firms while in school will help students find jobs after graduation.


One of the best college degrees that you can seek out should be a degree in Nursing. Unless you are super squeamish or can’t stand the sight of blood, this is a very lucrative field of study with huge upside potential. Nursing RN’s (registered nurses) can expect an average salary of around $67,500 per year which breaks down to an amazing $32+ per hour of work.

Computer Science

Some of the fastest growing careers are in the field of information technology. Database administrator, software engineer, and information systems managers are fast growing careers that offer great pay and generally require a bachelor’s in computer science.

Marketing And Marketing Research

And finally, on of the best in demand degrees is in marketing and research. This is a field where everyone feels that the know what works best, but the truth be told, it’s not as simple as some think. Market research and analysis is like being a sniper vs shooting with a shotgun. One is going to be precision and direct and one is going to hope that something they do works somehow. The average salary for a market research analyst is approximately $65,000 per year. Not bad trying to figure out what people want and how they want to see it.

So there you have it! Five career fields that are some of the most sought after in demand degrees as of 2017.