Great Sites for Every Job-Seeker

Some job sites seem to only have jobs that require five or more years of experience, while others have mostly entry-level sales or marketing jobs.  However, there are some sites that offer great jobs for a variety industries and experience levels.  A few sites I like:

  • CareerJet – I was surprised at the number of I found on this site.  The positions I see on most sites require several years of experience, but a good percentage of jobs in the fields I searched were entry-level positions.
  • Jobster – Plenty of entry-level jobs in addition to experienced positions.  I also found job openings in a variety of states and cities. Some sites seem to only have jobs in certain locations, so I was glad to see more options.
  • RealMatch – RealMatch helps identify jobs for which you are best qualified, so you’re not applying for positions that aren’t a good fit.  Although there are several work-at-home type jobs listed, RealMatch posts jobs from print ads in local newspapers and keeps track of jobs to which you’ve applied.

For more job search sites and information about who’s hiring, visit CareerAlley.