College Degrees for Your Career Interest Area

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Finding the right career path starts with education. Many student struggle to choose the best major. One area to focus on, in addition to career values and personality, is your career interest area(s). There are six main career interest areas, and most people have one primary interest (including a secondary and possible third interest area). If you’re struggling to determine which degree will make you happy in the long-term, read on for degree suggestions for each interest area.


Those with an investigative career interest are highly analytical. They like working with data and solving complex problems.

Good degrees for investigative types: chemistry, physics, finance, computer science


People with a primary conventional career interest like order and structure. They tend to have great attention to detail and prefer jobs that are fairly routine.

Good degrees for conventional types: accounting, pharmacy, insurance and risk management


Artistic individuals are happiest when they can express their creativity. There are many avenues through which one might express his or her creative abilities, so many degrees and careers can work for those with an artistic interest.

Good degree options for artistic types: marketing, fine arts, music, graphic design, photography, journalism, communications, English, theater


Enterprising people make good leaders and often don’t mind taking big risks for the chance at big rewards. They are suited to business ownership and upper management roles.

Good degrees for enterprising types: law, education administration, entrepreneurship, business management


As the name suggests, individuals with a social career interest enjoy interacting with people. They tend to enjoy careers that allow them to be with others for most or all of the day. Social types also tend to be natural helpers and enjoy care-taking roles.

Good degrees for social people: education, nursing, psychology, social work


Realistic types prefer jobs that are practical and hands-on. They often enjoy working outdoors and would likely not be happy working exclusively in an office setting. For those with realistic interests, education needs to have obvious real-world applications.

Good degrees for realistic people: civil engineering, radiologic technology, HVAC technology, forestry

It’s okay if you find that you have more than one interest area. You can probably be happy in a job that fits any of your interest areas. In addition, most jobs are suited to more than one interest area so don’t feel pressured to pick a job that fits in just one category.

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