Assessing Your Career Values

Although many career tests focus on personality and interests, values shouldn’t be overlooked during the career planning process.  Below are some common career-related values to consider:



Autonomy refers to how much control you have over certain aspects of your work, such as when or where you do your work.  It also means that you can plan the details of your work without approval of a supervisor.  Some careers that generally offer a high degree autonomy include professors, physicians, scientists, lawyers, entrepreneurs, dentists, veterinarians, and psychologists.


Independence differs from autonomy in that an independent worker prefers to work alone while an autonomous worker wants control over his or her decisions.  An independent worker may be doing work that someone else has planned or approved, but they are able to do it by themselves.  Careers that offer independence include accountant, computer programmer, writer, and actuary.


If you value security, you want a job that provides steady income and employment. You’ll want to choose a career that is relatively resistant to downturns in the economy and one that also has steady or high projected growth. Careers to consider: registered nurse, college instructor, computer systems analyst, physician, physical therapist, occupational therapist, pharmacist.


Almost every job provides a benefit to society, but you may want a career in which you help others directly. Seeing and interacting with those you help can be very fulfilling, especially if you highly value altruism. Careers in education and healthcare  are excellent choices for altruistic people.

Creativity Expression

A career that allows to express your personality, talents and ideas will be most satisfying if you’re a creative  person. Purely objective work would not be fulfilling for you. Creativity expression isn’t limited to artistic professions. Many careers will require you to think of new ideas. Careers to consider: writer, teacher, interior designer, graphic designer, web developer, photographer, marketing director.

For more about career values, read Do What You Are: Discover the Perfect Career for You Through the Secrets of Personality Type.

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