The Value of a Graphic Design Degree

Focusing on a degree, or a college for that matter, is something that should be at the forefront of any aspiring student. However, with the many advertisements, budgets and distances needed to travel, choosing these two isn’t always easy, especially for students looking to get into their creative side.

Graphic design schools have risen in popularity, especially with the extra spotlight recently on graphics in the IT industry and in corporate iconography. Creating and maintaining a flash, eye-catching logo is something that every company is looking for, and as such, having your own designing team can be incredibly profitable.

Unfortunately, to get that kind of big deal, you will need to have an education in the area of graphic design, on the flip side, there are many specialist art colleges in the US that will happily give you a great understanding,and a meaningful qualification at the end of your academic term. Some of the best paying and exclusive jobs for graphic designers can include:

1. Web Designer

In today’s world, a web designer is needed for almost all industries, you might be constructing a high security banking website, or even just creating a small scale website with an e-commerce system for a small business. The flip side of this, is that as well as creating the site, more often than not, you will be contracted to maintain the site.


– Good salary, with a decent median salary of $60,500, and if given a senior position, you will receive an increased wage median of $70,000

– Most of the time, it’s a great work atmosphere

– Potential of further contracts through contacts made in the business (Very much a word of mouth industry)


– Incredibly competitive market

– Often strict deadlines, which may lead to a lot of overtime

2. Modeling Designer

Modern day commercials contain an astounding amount of graphical expertise, car advertisements are a great example of this, they often use a 3D image of their car, to create the “Super Car” instead of the actual car, which may reflect light at an un-appealing angle.


– Awesome median salary of around $40,000

– Great for people who enjoy freelancing opportunities

– Secure job once settled into a company position

– Variety in different projects


– As with many art based careers, this is hard to get into as the competition levels are high

– Jobs may involve long hours and dedication to strict deadlines

These are just a couple of ideas that you can pursue when entering a graphical career, there are obviously, many more avenues to chase, however, these are the ones that will net you the big time money. Studying is not easy for this type of career, as it takes a lot of time, effort and concentration to work in this industry.

Getting a good grade, at a notable graphic design school can be all the difference to your start up career, and can pave the way to both early success, and better pay grades, potential employers will want to see some of your work, so try to work or volunteer for some small time work whilst studying, which you can put into your portfolio.