Should the Recession Influence Your Choice of Career?

With the constant reports of layoffs and rising unemployment, will more people choose secure occupations over more prestigious or exciting ones? I graduated high school shortly after the dot-com bust and, as a result, never considered a career in information technology.  High school and college students, as well as workers who have experienced layoffs, may see the value in a recession-resistant job.   Government, education, and health-care jobs are already attracting applicants from other industries.

While job security is a great thing to have,  choosing a career solely for the job security is not a good idea.  For one, recession proof industries such as education and health-care involve working with people who need compassionate professionals that really have an interest in helping others.  Second, you might have a personality or interests that aren’t suited to some of these occupations.  There are many careers that will still offer job opportunities in a recession, so don’t just choose the obvious.  Everyone looks to secure industries in a bad economy, but don’t let a recession scare you into a career that’s not right for you.

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