Great Little-Known Online Tools For College Students


If you are a student at this moment, then you have a better understanding of several things that can be as important as a great website that can facilitate your upcoming tasks and assignments. This site is This is a tool that has been designed for college students and the tutors for them to have access or even generate high-quality argumentative essay topics (see more at The team has been working hard to incorporate more titles into the website for this generator and to make the search results more significant to the searchers.

The challenge with most of these online tools is that they have been in existence for a long time but have not brought something new and relevant to the student’s workflow. This is the reason why this discussion has skipped some this popular sites and focused on the less popular but useful sites. Some might find some familiar services in the list below important to learn.

Get Your To-Dos in Order With Any.Do

For any student out there, having to-do application to refer to various essential areas is the way to go. This is a simple tool, powerful and always available anywhere. This application is also available as a plug-in that can be run on both Mac and Windows PCs. Furthermore, Any. Do is a free application that can be installed on Androids and iPhone devices. Therefore, you can have the to-do app on the go.

Track Where You Spend Time with Rescue Time

This software or application can be said to be the best tool that can be used to track where your vital time goes. This app usually runs in the background and lets you know the sites and the documents you use most on your PC. With such important information at your disposal, a student can see all the activities and eliminate some of the unnecessary ones. After this has been done, you can adjust the screen time to a more productive activity. For more information, visit

Collaborating Using Zolo Suite

This is a tool that can be described as an online business and collaboration app. Zolo suite has more than 25 tools to assist students and their teams to collaborate and get various activities accomplished faster no matter where they are.

Track Assignments with myHomework Student Planner

If students are in need of an online tool that will help them keep track of their task and even to notify if any of them is due, then is the tool they need. It is a free tool that works well. Download it here.

Research Efficiently With Diigo

Take an instance whereby your computer screen is your studying screen. This might seem to be impossible but thanks to Diigo. This is a tool that enables you to highlight note on WebPages and then archives them to read them when you are offline. Additionally, you are able to access everything from a Smartphone.

Learn For Free On iTunes U

This is a tool that is usually underestimated. iTunes U has developed to become a big database containing significant and fun content that can provide one with an advantage no matter the subject the student is looking for.

In conclusion, if you understand any of the above tool discussed, it important to take the appropriate step and share them as well as test them.