The Best iPhone Apps for College Students

For college students, productivity can be either increased or decreased with the use of technology. Although smartphones can cause distraction, they can also be an invaluable tool for increasing academic and financial success. If you’re a college student looking to easily increase productivity, consider downloading the following iPhone apps.

Evernote: Evernote is recognized as a cloud based note taking service and a very popular iPhone app among college students. With the help of this app students can make notes, take photos and record audio notes. All these notes are stored in separate folders for the convenience of students. Evernote also syncs the data across all of your devices, so you will not have to e-mail data. You can upload 60MB of data per month, which is equal to 30,000 notes, 60 audio clips and 600 medium resolution images. Students can purchase this app at a monthly rate of $5 or at an annual rate of $45.

WhatsApp Messenger: WhatsApp has become one of the main ways of communication among college students. You can send a message free and quicker than a text with the help of this app. The WhatsApp account works through your iPhone and all the contacts who have installed WhatsApp will pop up in your contact list. You can easily send text messages, photos, audio notes and contacts through this app. You can purchase WhatsApp for $0.99.

Smartr Contacts: Smartr Contacts can help college students to organize all their contacts in a convenient way. You will have contacts with others from various connections including phone, e-mail and social media. Smartr Contacts will bring everything to one place allowing for more streamlined communication. It also shows the communication history from different sources. This is a free app available for iPhones.

Wikipedia Mobile: Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia on the Internet and it is a great source for college students to gain more knowledge. Wikipedia Mobile app helps students to connect and search anything on Wikipedia from their phone. Typing to view an article on a mobile browser is irritating, and it will cost more time and money. This free iPhone app can eliminate that hassle and assists in finding an article on Wikipedia with minimum trouble.

MoneyWiz: They typical college student has limited funds, so financial management is imperative. To gain a better financial footing, download the MoneyWiz  application. This financial app will keep track of all your income and expenditure patterns. Students can add different types of accounts like checking account, credit card, or student loan account into this app. MoneyWiz also reminds you about the due dates of your bills. The price of the MoneyWhiz app is $4.99.

The key to increased productivity and success with your iPhone is to find the right tools and use them regularly. Apps are an easy way to organize and streamline your busy student lifestyle. If used correctly, your phone can provide an excellent resource for better communication and learning.