Is it Time to Leave Your Job?


People may leave their jobs for any number of reasons, including low pay and stress. And since job hopping isn’t viewed as negatively as it once was, employees feel more comfortable changing jobs when they’re not happy. This doesn’t mean you should leave over the slightest problem, but there are times when leaving is best for your career. If you’re stuck in a job you don’t like, you may be wondering if your reason for wanting to leave is valid. A few good reasons to move on:


Lack of Growth Opportunities

One of the most important things in your career is the ability to grow and acquire new skills and responsibilities. If you’re stuck doing the same thing for years without any new opportunities for growth in sight, it may be time to start looking for a new position. Before deciding to leave, however, make sure your employer knows about your desire for new responsibilities.

Unfulfilled Potential

Maybe you have knowledge and abilities that aren’t being fully utilized in your current job. Sometimes you have to work beneath your skill level in order to move up to something better. But if you’re not being offered any opportunities to fulfill you potential after working in the same position for over a year, it’s time to find a place where you can put your skills to use.

Signs of Trouble

When a company starts showing signs of trouble, it’s time to get out fast. You may love your job, but if the company is floundering it does you no good to go down with the ship. Some signs your employer is in trouble: hiring freezes, layoffs, pay cuts, late or missed paychecks and high turnover. The sooner you leave a doomed company, the better.

Toxic Environment

No work environment is perfect. There will always be people in your workplace that you don’t like, but a toxic environment is hard to ignore. It affects your productivity and general health. Your work environment is just as important as your actual job so don’t ignore it when deciding whether to stay or go. If your workplace has been toxic for a while and things aren’t changing for the better, start looking for a better position.

Leaving a job can be scary, but sometimes it’s necessary in order to improve your career and your life in general.