How Introverts Can Thrive in “Extrovert” Jobs

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If you’re introverted, you may think a good portion of jobs are off limits. In fact, we’ve written about careers for introverts. But it is possible for introverts to thrive in jobs that require lots of interaction. These jobs include sales, customer service and education. In fact, introverts can thrive in the right position. Read on for the benefits of working in these roles and how to succeed as an introvert.


  • Improved Social, Communication, and Leadership Skills
  • Increased Confidence
  • Developing both Professional and Social Relationships

Introvert Tips for Success

  • Practice at home. As an introvert, certain behaviors may not come as naturally. We can seem closed off or even standoffish to extroverts. Practice smiling, greeting, and small talk with family or friends. Another great way to see how you come across to others is to record yourself practicing, whether by yourself or with others.
  • Go on lots of interviews. The more interview experience you have, the more confident you’ll be promoting yourself. Read our post on job interview tips for introverts
  • Observe others who are successful in a highly social role. You don’t have to copy their interactions exactly, just learn how to approach difficult situations. 
  • Ask questions. One great way to start a conversation with someone is to ask some basic questions. You don’t want to ask highly personal questions of customers or clients, but asking about their experiences with a product or service can show your dedication to the job. 
  • Listen. Introverts are great at listening, and listening is just as important as talking. Really pay attention to what the person is saying, ask follow up questions that show you heard and understand.
  • Love learning and growing. One way to thrive in an extrovert environment is a love of learning new things and growing in your career. If you have a passion for something at your job, your energy will be greater and you’ll have less trouble conversing well with others.
  • Take time to decompress. Introverts need alone time to decompress. Set aside time each day to be alone and do something relaxing. You may need just an hour or several but find ways to work downtime into your daily schedule.
  • Find a mentor. Everyone should have a mentor. But it’s even more important to seek out a mentor if you’re in an environment where you may not feel confident. Whether it’s a supervisor, coworker, or friend who works in the same industry, a mentor can give you much-needed encouragement and advice.

If you’re introvert and find yourself in a role that requires lots of social interaction, don’t panic. You can succeed if you follow the tips above. Curious about some good career options for introverts? Check out the articles below.


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