The Benefits of Working for a Large Company

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Large corporations are often demonized by both consumers and employees. However, working for a large company can prove advantageous for professionals, particularly entry-level workers. Some major reasons to consider a corporate job:

Better Training and Mentoring

Possibly the greatest advantage to working at a large company, particularly for entry-level workers, is the availability of formal training programs. Large companies have resources to offer training and mentoring programs for new employees, while most smaller companies leave you to learn as you go or assume you’ll get help from co-workers. Training and mentors can greatly help reduce stress and increase your chances of success in a new job, so consider these factors when assessing potential employers.

Depth of Experience

Small business employees generally take on a greater variety of responsibilities, but may not obtain the greatest depth of knowledge in a given area. Large companies allow employees to focus on a certain range of responsibilities, and therefore offer greater experience in a specific field or specialty. Depth of experience can prove highly valuable on the job market, since the hardest jobs to fill are often those that require specialists.

Policies and Procedures

Strict policies and procedures get a bad rap, but they can actually make the work environment run more smoothly. Small businesses rarely have detailed and consistently enforced workplace policies, making the environment seem chaotic and disorganized. Job descriptions may be non-existent or unclear in a small business, while corporate employees generally have a better understanding of expectations and responsibilities.

Opportunities for Advancement

A company with more positions will provide more advancement opportunities. At small companies, there is only so far you can go due to the limited roles and resources. Large corporations offer a much wider range of opportunities, whether you want to move laterally or vertically.

Pay and Benefits

Larger companies, on average, offer better pay and benefits than smaller companies. By starting out your career at a large company, you can set yourself up for a more financially secure future with better retirement savings and starting pay. For U.S. workers, health insurance is a huge concern, and large companies also have resources to offer better insurance options.

Small business is romanticized in the media, but often small business employees work longer ours for less pay. Small companies also tend to offer less generous benefits and fewer training opportunities. Overall, job-seekers with corporate experience have an advantage that can carry throughout their careers.

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