Back to College Must-Haves 2018

Back to school means time to start shopping for supplies. It can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re a first-time college student. Not sure where to start with your college shopping? Read on for some college must-haves that will keep you organized and well-prepared. Be sure to check out our list of dorm room essentials¬†as well.

Shower Caddy

If you’re sharing a bathroom, a shower caddy is essential for carrying your personal hygiene items. Get a caddy with mesh or holes to help water drain easily. Also make sure there are ample pockets or sections for all your stuff.

Over the Door Storage

Dorm and apartment living means getting creative with storage solutions. Over the door storage is a great way to add extra storage for low price. Over the door pocket units allow for storing shoes, accessories, school or cleaning supplies and much more.

Command Hooks

Command hooks make hanging easy without damaging walls. Use them for coats, towels, bags and decorations. Keep a few on hand for last-minute projects.

Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans are great for dorms and small apartments. They double as storage for blankets or pillows and extra seating for guests. For more ideas, read small space storage solutions for apartments and dorms.

Laptop Backpack

A sturdy backpack that holds your laptop and other supplies is a good investment. Pick the right one and it can last through college and even grad school.

Flash Drives

Keep track of your notes, papers and projects by backing them up on a flash drive at least once daily. A flash drive will allow you to work from different computers while keeping everything up to date.

Academic Planner

A planner is much better than relying on multiple apps or other tools for remembering important events. You can also set goals, manage projects and even journal in your planner. Not sure which planner works best for you? Read our list of the best academic planners for 2018.

Composition Notebooks

You never know when you’ll need a composition notebook. Always be prepared with a supply of composition notebooks for essays and exams.

Pencils (#2)

Number two pencils are a must-have, no matter your major. These are usually required for standardized tests and exams. Never leave for class without a few #2 pencils.

Index Cards

Even with advanced technologies available to students today, old fashioned index cards are still the best way to study for an exam. Keep a pack on hand and go over your notes daily to keep information fresh in your mind so that you won’t have to cram for tests.

The above list is not comprehensive but covers the basics that almost every college student needs. Your specific supply needs will depend widely depending on your major and classes taken. For more college essentials, visit

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