Small Space Storage Solutions for Dorms and Apartments

small space storage

Possibly the most challenging part of living in a college dorm or small apartment is lack of adequate storage space. It’s particularly difficult when you share space with a roommate. You want your items to be organized and accessible. Also, you want your space to look neat with clutter hidden from view. If you’re struggling with organization and storage in your dorm or apartment, read on for our affordable small space storage solutions.*


Under Bed Storage

If the space under your bed is empty, you’re missing out on great potential huge storage area. Place off-season clothing, linens, and other items under the bed to free up valuable closet space. For shorter beds, use vacuum sealed bags as an alternative to regular boxes.


Storage Ottomans

Storage ottomans are ideal for small spaces because they serve dual purposes. They provide seating and a place to sit magazines, food or drinks while also offering storage. Put blankets, throw pillows, books, shoes, clothing or other items in your ottoman for easy access minus the clutter.


Over the Door Storage

Over the door storage organizers aren’t just for shoes. Store cleaning supplies, food, tools, jewelry, scarves, socks and other items in the pockets to free up drawer space in bedrooms, kitchens and baths. Over the door bins or pockets are the perfect small space storage solution for every room.


Cabinet Door Storage

When cabinet space is limited it’s important to utilized every square inch. Hanging cabinet storage for kitchens and baths is a great way to maximize storage. Use it in your kitchen for cleaning supplies, platters, or cutting boards. In bathrooms they can be used for toiletries or hair styling tools.


Tiered Storage

Vertical space inside cabinets isn’t often used to it’s fullest extent. Tiered storage shelves allow you to make use of all your space inside cabinets by stacking items, thereby doubling your storage. Just remember to measure your cabinets before purchasing shelves.


Cascading Hangers

Closet space is precious in a dorm or small apartment. A smart way to double or even triple your closet storage is to use cascading hangers. For tiny closets, space saving hangers are a must-have.


Over Toilet Storage

One small bathroom must-have is over the toilet shelving. If you don’t have built-in storage, it’s easy to buy and assemble a unit. If you want to make the space look more organized, place your personal care and toiletry items in storage baskets.


Over Shower Head Caddy

A sturdy shower caddy with plenty of shelving is important for a small bathroom. Since you probably don’t have a linen closet or much cabinet space, a caddy can give you much more room for shower and bath items.


Wall Mounted Mirror with Shelving

A wall mounted mirror that hides shelving is a great solution for dorms and apartments. It’s dual purpose, serving as both a mirror and storage for your cosmetics, toiletries, and other items.

In small apartments and dorm rooms, storage is at a premium. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice organization and a clutter-free living space. Making smart purchases for storage, including items that allow you to utilize vertical and wall space, will make your dorm or apartment much more livable.

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