A Warning Against Online Resume Critiques

I recently received a free online resume critique. I got what I paid for with this particular service, because the “specialist” assigned to my resume obviously did not read it thoroughly. I caution college students, career changers and recent graduates from seeking online critiques (free or paid) because the reviewers may not read it with your special circumstances in mind.

You should seek out someone in your area to read your resume so that you can explain your circumstances and career goals. I love the internet as much as anyone, but some things require that you get advised in person. A college career center is the ideal location for you to have a resume critique(even if you have already graduated) because you aren’t expected to have relevant experience. If you want ideas about what you should include in your resume, see my post about resumes for recent graduates.

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4 thoughts on “A Warning Against Online Resume Critiques”

  1. Resume critiques should be consulted with caution. There are scams out there. I agree that it’s better to have a mentor or an actual person who you know to look at your resume. And then online, see other people’s resumes for reference. Such as the one here at a student resume network at nuResume http://www.nuresume.com. Individuals can reference to other well written resume profiles.

  2. Write it yourself! Resumes take time to write but they are a great way to build your self-esteem and prepare for interviews.

    I am a career counselor and I have seen college students (or their parents) throw money away on resume-writing services. Always contact the Better Business Bureau and check online for any problems with the company. Get help from your career center or look online at college career center websites- they almost always have great resume advice.

  3. Kate,

    As I wrote in my post, the college career center is probably the best way to go for college students who want feedback on a resume. Of course you should write the resume yourself, but some guidance and feedback can be helpful(particularly for students with little experience).

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