5 Tips for Finding a Summer Job

This summer, thousands of college students and graduate students are racing to find careers in their fields. For students in law school or in the field of business, career opportunities are scarcer than ever. Because of the recession, students need to be creative in the jobs that they seek out for the summer. Being creative will get graduate students farther in the long run rather than simply following the crowd mentality and pursuing similar opportunities.

1. Look for Unconventional Opportunities 

Law students may find that they need to do freelance work for law firms in order to make ends meet during the summer. They may not have a traditional 9 to 5 job at a “big law firm,” but rather they may find themselves doing odd jobs throughout the summer to make money. Perhaps one who wants to be a pharmacy technician decides to do freelance writing for a website that sells prescription drugs or that provides technical guides for pharmacies. The key is just that a person seek out unconventional opportunities rather than let the summer months pass him or her by.

2. Be Persistent 

If a student has applied to a summer job, he or she should immediately follow up the application with a phone call of interest. Some companies use the online application as a “trick” to see which students will actually have the guts to give them a phone call and articulate the reasons for why a company should hire them.

3. Be Open to New Opportunities 

One should be open to the possibility of trying out new opportunities. Even if you do not land your dream summer job, be open to the possibility that another internship will ultimately lead to the job you want. Some students pass up on internships with companies that they do not perceive as competitive as Fortune 500 companies. This can be a bad mistake that a student makes in a tough economy.

4. Network Out on the Town 

Networking during a night out on the town is an easy way to find summer work. It may seem counter-intuitive, but some of the best networking can be done at the local pub.

5. Make Friends and Family Aware 

If you find yourself without a job in the middle of summer, then send out a mass e-mail to friends and family. There is nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it.

By following these tips, you will find a summer job in no time. Just be sure to have determination and the desire to find summer work, and you will be fine!