5 Easy Ways to Save Money Now


Over the past few years,  prices on everyday goods have risen dramatically. Whether you’re shopping for pet food, soft drinks or clothing, the price probably is higher than you’d expect. Therefore, watching your wallet has become more important than ever. Read on for five easy actions you can take today to make saving money easier.

Unsubscribe from promotional emails.

Every company has some deal every day. Those promotional emails can suck you in whether you really want or need a product. You may have a fear of missing out on a deal, but sales are so you’ll certainly find your favorite items on offer again. Most promotional emails have a small unsubscribe button at the bottom. Just make sure to unsubscribe from all promotional emails from the company. If there’s a product you really like and use from a store and want to know when the best sales occur, do some online research to find the dates of particular sales.

Take advantage of rewards programs and coupons.

Shop at stores that offer rewards and points for shopping. You can save hundreds at grocery stores that offer points that can be applied to your next trip. Avoid stores that don’t have rewards programs, unless they are a discount store that consistently offers the lowest prices. Save coupons for items that you regularly buy and keep them organized by item type, store, and date. Many websites, such as RetailMeNot, offer coupon codes that you can use for online purchases. Be sure to read the fine print, as most stores exclude certain items from coupons or offers. 

Price Compare

Comparing prices can save a lot of money. You may find a wide price range for a product depending on the store or website. To make things easier, keep a spreadsheet to track prices of your essentials at different stores or sites. Plan your shopping trips or orders based on the stores that offer the best prices on products. Don’t assume that dollar and discount stores have the best prices on all products. Include those establishments in your price comparisons as well.

Automate your savings.

Set up a savings account and make monthly savings automatic. If you know a certain amount will be set aside for savings you’ll likely modify your spending to accommodate that. Pick a reasonable amount given your income and budget, and set that amount to be automatically sent to a dedicated savings account. Find a bank that offers a high interest savings account to make the most of the money you set aside.

Have a holding period before non-essential purchases.

Before making a big purchase online or in person, allow yourself a period of time to think it over. Give yourself at least a week before making your decision. Ask yourself if you will really use the item or obtain long-term enjoyment from it. Many times shopping is just to make us temporarily happy but the actual items end up being discarded or collecting dust in a closet. The bigger the purchase, the longer you should give yourself time to think. Luckily, most websites have wish list functions so you can save items and revisit them periodically to re-evaluate your feelings.

The idea of cutting expenses or saving money may feel overwhelming or put you in a bad mood. Of course, we’d all love to shop without worrying about skyrocketing prices. Luckily, the five simple steps above are easy and quick but will go a long way to keeping your budget in check while allowing you to still put aside money for emergencies.