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Data-driven fields, such as Data Scientist, Statistician, Information Security Analyst, Actuary and Mathematician are among the best jobs of the year, according to the 31st edition of CareerCast’s Jobs Rated report. The worst jobs have a combination of high stress, poor work environment, negative occupational outlook and low salary. Some of the worst jobs of 2019 include Taxi Driver, Logging Worker, Disc Jockey, and Newspaper Reporter.

“The collection, interpretation and implementation and even protection of data contribute to some of the best jobs of the year,” says Kyle Kensing, CareerCast Online Content Editor. “Demand for the top job — Data Scientist — is high with a 19% growth outlook, and the skill sets required to work in the field comes at a premium with an annual median salary of $118,370.”

If one job ties all of the best of 2019 together, it’s University Professor. Tenured professors have relatively high job security and professional freedom, as well as intellectual stimulation. “Education is key for most of the top jobs,” says Kensing. “Every one of the best jobs of 2019 requires at least an undergraduate degree.”

Most of the lowest ranking careers feature decreased growth, low pay and poor working conditions. Of the 10 worst jobs of 2019, four of them have an annual median salary below $32,000. Jobs in steep hiring decline rank in the bottom 10 for 2019. These jobs include Logging Worker (-13%), Newspaper Reporter and Disc Jockey (-9%). The common theme among these professions is that technological advancements have driven down demand for their products and services. “However, some of the most important jobs to our society land in the bottom 10, like Enlisted Military Personnel and Newspaper Reporter,” notes Kensing.


10 Best Jobs of 2019

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Statistician
  3. University Professor
  4. Occupational Therapist
  5. Genetic Counselor
  6. Medical Services Manager
  7. Information Security Analyst
  8. Mathematician
  9. Operations Research Analyst
  10. Actuary

10 Worst Jobs of 2019

  1. Taxi Driver (Rank: 220)
  2. Logging Worker (Rank: 219)
  3. Newspaper Reporter (Rank: 218)
  4. Retail Salesperson (Rank: 217)
  5. Enlisted Military Personnel (Rank: 216)
  6. Correctional Officer (Rank: 215)
  7. Disc Jockey (Rank: 214)
  8. Nuclear Decontamination Technician (Rank: 213)
  9. Advertising Salesperson (Rank: 212)
  10. Broadcaster (Rank: 211)

See the full report here: https://www.careercast.com/jobs-rated/2019-jobs-rated-report