10 Benefits of Choosing Yoga as a Career

Sitting there with a Yoga Teacher Training certificate in-hand yet perturbed about the outcomes? Do not fret as the job market is taking a positive move in coming years. Years ago, industries like Engineering, Medicine, and Security were the more focused ones and artistic fields, health, and wellness did not receive the shine they deserved. However, with time everything has changed – job market, choices of people, lifestyle, and the ultimate desire to find inner peace. The 21st century has given enough space to a number of domains to rise from the ashes and flourish like never before. Over the last few years, Yoga has seen a drastic surge in its followers. This has set the stage for professionals and amateur fitness junkies to come full-throttle and give their best. Speaking of fitness, Yoga is not only fulfilling as a practice but also as a gig that can turn your life upside down….in a good way.


Below are the 10 benefits of choosing Yoga as a career.


1. Healthy Transformation

Nowadays, people are conscious about their choices when it comes to food, workouts, water, and even the perfume they use. They are aware about the commercial industries and the life-threatening consequences associated with the manufactured packaged gunk. This has brought a lot of changes in the lifestyle of people located in all parts of the world. Growing number of vegans all over the world, a steep rise in the percentage of people routing towards Yoga & meditation, and a rising demand of wellness holidays are some of the examples justifying the truth. This sets the stage for you to stray away from the bandwagon and become a yoga teacher and join other niche field of health & wellness. Choosing Yoga as a career will help you tap in more clients and get handsomely paid.

2. Improved Salaries

For years, the art of Yoga and its benefits stayed under the shadows of modernization but times are changing at a steep pace. According to important data on Payscale, the median average pay of a Yoga instructor is $25 per hour with an extra bonus that may fall anywhere between $30 and $4000. After calculations, the statistical data on Payscale suggests the total pay comes down to a pretty nice $25,743 – $102,629. As a Yoga instructor, you have a chance to earn a good sum of money and if you are someone who has attended at least one Yoga Teachers Training program (YTT) or an advanced 500 hours YTT, the annual salary shall increase accordingly.

Source: https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Yoga_Instructor/Hourly_Rate

3. Expand the Horizons

We have a tendency to attach a particular notion with a job role, for instance, a dentist extracts your tooth. Few people know that this field also includes cosmetologists, orthodontics, and beauty consults. The field of Yoga instructors & teachers is no different, however, the boundaries of this arena has expanded in area. Nowadays, as a Yoga teacher, you have a chance to be a part of a variety of projects and exciting tourism extravaganza:

  • Workshops
  • Yoga instructors in different countries
  • Wellness holidays
  • Coach at Yoga retreats
  • Celebrity coaches and much more

4. Bright Future

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Unites States of America, the broad category of jobs for fitness instructors and coaches is expected to see a rise of 10% in the coming years. The data reveals that the employment growth for these professionals is expected to grow from 2016-2026, which is faster than any other field. Considering the growing demand for fitness classes in schools, colleges, government firms and private institutions, you are definitely on a high pedestal. The expected surge in the number of high-paying opportunities sets you for reaping the maximum benefits of choosing Yoga as a career.

5. Innovative Career Profiles

The digital age is all about new job roles, creativity, and doing something out-of-the-box. The job market changed at the snap of a finger and brought in golden opportunities to spread one’s wings. As per the latest information on Occupational Outlook Handbook released by the United States Department of Labor, extended profiles like Recreational Therapists are projecting stupendous growth of 7% in terms of jobs and pay in the coming 5-6 years. As you garner some experience as a Yoga teacher, you can approach to expand your job profile by working on skills, such as helping attendees work on their emotional well-being, becoming part of Yoga retreats or wellness programs to help students battle their disabilities.

6. Global Domination

Things take time to flourish and once they do, then there is no stopping, whatsoever. Your Yoga career will take-off in no time as the world is seeing a gradual increase in people opting for healthy lifestyle and seeking out for coaches who can help them in this difficult transit. Way back in 2015, CNN ranked Yoga instructor or Yoga teacher as one of the top 100 most high-paying jobs in the world. In collaboration with Payscale, CNN revealed that in the coming years, the demand of certified Yoga teachers and practitioners in the field of Ayurveda shall increase by manifolds. Choosing Yoga as a career will not only garner appreciation for you in the native country but will also open doors to jobs abroad.

7. Improved Mental Strength

A career can make you or break you, therefore, it is advised to take your time and invest cautiously in your choices. As a Yoga teacher, you go through various phases of transformation and mental enlightenment. With time, you realize the importance of taking a step back and assess various spheres of life that might need your attention or some correction. Continuous practice for years as a part of your personal growth and Yoga teachers training course, you learn a lot about your life. The preaching surrounds your aura and paves way to your higher consciousness. Remember, there is nothing as enigmatic as an enlightened teacher.

8. Recognizing Physical Strength

Tutoring students on the benefits of Yoga is not an easy task and requires years of experience and a series of mistakes. These experiences help you find your core strength and your physical capacity to thrive in this fast-moving world. Choosing Yoga as a career can be best move of your life when it comes to maintaining your fitness levels, behavioral patterns and the way you conduct yourself in the 3D world. Constant interaction with students coming from all walks of life and helping them enliven their bodily strength somewhere helps you as a teacher as well.

9. New Skills

Books do not teach you life but experience does. This holds significance when it comes to discussing your present employment stature- existing Yoga teacher looking for new skills or a fresh teacher in this field. Global Job market is ever-changing and highly competitive at the same time, therefore, it becomes imperative to stay abreast of new changes, modifications, or launch of techniques that supports your current knowledge level in the field. For instance, you can learn Pilates and merge its concepts with your Yoga skills to offer a wholesome fitness routine for students of all ages and groups. You can open new studios and specialize in offering a holistic approach to physical well-being.

10. Deep Spiritual Connections

A wrong career choice can affect you emotionally at a very deeper level. You must feel energized and happy at the end of the day. The desire of choosing Yoga as a career should come from within and there shouldn’t be any cloud of doubts surrounding the decision. Secondly, during the process of becoming a certified teacher, you will go within, meet your inner demons, and get a chance to work on your shadow sides. During the classes, you just not complete the lessons but also strive to evolve as a human being of substance and strength. The preaching shall go a long way and help you connect with your students better.

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