Textbook Resources for Healthcare Students

Textbooks: What every student needs for academic success, and what every student dreads buying at the beginning of every term.

As the cost of college tuition rises, so do the already expensive prices of textbooks. If you’re enrolled in any kind of healthcare degree program, chances are you’re already shelling out a fair amount of money on tuition and other college expenses. Look no further, for you can find some creative ways to cut costs on healthcare textbooks.

Of course, there are the usual more traditional textbook options: purchase a book and share the expense with a classmate, buy a book from a student who previously took the same class, rent a book from your local campus bookstore, shop online for cheaper used book alternatives, and the like. However, living in the age of technology affords us more possibilities that are more convenient than lugging around a large, heavy book to class. One of those options is in the form of eTextbooks.

More and more students are gravitating toward eTextbooks, or digital versions of the print books that are required for a given class. Most websites have eTextbook options for healthcare classes, science courses, medical classes, and much more with literally thousands of titles to choose from.

With a digital textbook, it is easier to search for specific information, take notes, make copies of information, and transport your textbooks. Just log on from your computer, iPad, iPhone, or tablet to access your environmentally friendly textbook alternative.

Depending on the website and your personal needs for your class, you can either buy or rent eTextbooks. Most digital rentals last for 180 days, which is usually long enough. Since all materials are digital, they are convenient to access and are never out of stock. Online textbook programs frequently offer additional resources for your learning convenience. A few examples are online labs, encyclopedias, tutoring, and out of class instruction.

eTextbooks aren’t just for students; they are a great resource for professors, too. Updating your lecture notes, keeping track of the various course materials for different classes, and preparing for class is simple when your books can fit on your lightweight tablet.

Next time you check your course book list for the term, check out your eTextbook options online before purchasing a printed book. You never know what you might find, and you might save yourself money and space on what is likely an already overcrowded bookshelf. Not to mention, you won’t be stuck with an outdated medical book when times and technology continue to change.