Five Jobs for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The following post is contributed by Louise Baker.

What is an Entrepreneur?

By definition, an entrepreneur is someone that is willing to take risks while starting a new business venture. As such, there are certain jobs that are most suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs. Following is a list of five of the best jobs for entrepreneurs.

Restaurant Owner

Opening a restaurant is a very risky proposition. There are so many things that can go wrong that many new restaurants fail before they are a year old. Good management is the key to any restaurant’s success. As an entrepreneur, you must be able to handle day to day operations such as hiring quality employees, controlling food costs, marketing and attracting customers. Problems always come up whether you are running a fancy restaurant or a sandwich shop. Because entrepreneurs are usually quite adept at dealing with new situations and problem solving, they often are the best candidates for restaurant owners.


This is a wide open area that aspiring entrepreneurs can enter and have success. The overwhelming love affair that millions of Americans have with the latest technology gives the entrepreneur ample opportunity to fill a new need or improve on the way things have been done. Whether it is smart phones or computers, there are niches that need to be filled. Older people that have less experience with the newest technology need help setting up and operating equipment. Products break down and need to be repaired. These are just a few areas where an enthusiastic and energetic go-getter can step in and create a nice business.

Lawn Service Business

People always need their lawns cut and their garden tended. There are great opportunities for new businesses that help take care of homeowner’s yards. The major expense of this business is the purchase of lawn and garden maintenance equipment. You can start small with a lawn mower and some basic garden tools and as you acquire more business, you can buy more equipment. Much of the work is just hard, physical labor, but you also need to know the proper techniques for caring for a lawn or garden.

Errand Runner

People are very busy and don’t always have time to do all of the little tasks that need to be done. A budding entrepreneur might set up a service to do grocery shopping, drop off dry cleaning, go to the post office and other common day-to-day chores. You can do some direct advertising and also rely on recommendations from satisfied clients to expand your business.

Home Cleaning Service

Again, this is a service business that requires physical labor. To start out, you might have to do the vacuuming, mopping and other cleaning chores yourself, but as you grow, you can hire help. Eventually, if you get enough clients, you can put down the mop, hire cleaning crews and manage the overall operation.

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